About Brittany


Brittany is a simple living and organizational coach and writer, working by day in as a program coordinator in the non-profit sector. She graduated magna cum-laude with degrees in both psychology and social work.

She feels happiest when she close to water. Her soul is lifted by good music, good conversation and good tea.

Brittany seeks to live a life of simplicity in order to achieve her life’s purpose of helping others.

When not writing, reading simplicity blogs or working in her day job, she can be found practicing her headstands, learning to play guitar, cleaning up her neighbourhood, planning her next adventure and dreaming of tiny homes.



About Be Simply Free

be [bee] verb. to have presence in the realm of perceived reality. to exist. to live.

simply [simp-lee] adverb. in a simple manner, clearly and easilysincerely. 

free [free] adjective. enjoying personal liberty.  exempt from external authority or influence of one’s thoughts, choices, will, actions.

To be simply free is to reject the status quo of  consumerism, complexity, negativity and competition in favour of  a life filled with consciousness, positivity, cooperation and happiness.

It’s choosing quality over quantity.

It’s developing awareness, of self, and of the world around us.

It’s appreciating the beauty in everyday life.

It’s recognizing that we are worthy of a wonderful life, and we already have everything we need within us to manifest it.

It’s focusing on relationships with people, and community rather than focusing on things.






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